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Camping Key Europe

Welcome to Sweden and to Europe! Camping Key Europe is a card that connects campsites all over Europe. Having the card in your wallet opens up Europe to you and makes your holiday more convenient, more secure and cheaper. Camping Key Europe is required in order to check in at an SCR-affiliated campsite.

Why Camping Key Europe?

The campsites in Sweden that are affiliated to Camping Key Europe are members of the industry organisation SCR (the National Swedish Campsite Association).

There are several reasons why we use the card system:

Added value for guests:

What’s more, you get:

The card costs SEK 150 per year and can be purchased at Camping.se or direct at the campsite when you check in.

Who’s behind Camping Key Europe?

Camping Key Europe is owned by Camping Key Alliance. SCR is one of the parties in Camping Key Alliance alongside NHO Reiseliv in Norway, the Danish Camping Board, Camping Finland, ANWB in the Netherlands and ADAC in Germany. For more information, go to Campingkeyalliance.com.

Köp Camping Key Europe
Köp Camping Key Europe
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